Nano Paper

Paper RL
Nano Paper
47 x 75 x 3 inches
Strathmore 400 drawing paper, glue, insulation panels
(Photo: Rick Lightbody)

I got the idea for this piece from a nanoscan of a sheet of paper shown by Caio Barboza during a talk at the Cornell Council for the Arts’ 2014 Biennial. Caio, a grad student at the Harvard School of Design, was a member of a team that created an installation called “Paper Thin” that was part of the Biennial.

I was thinking of the piece as a landscape as seen from above, especially the gorges around Ithaca, when I made it. Much thanks to Caio for inspiration as well as sending me the nanoscan image.

By the way, paper was invented in China about 2115 years ago.