Visions of the Ancestors

Images of the Ancestors

Visions of the Ancestors: Rock and Cave Art from Six Continents
10.5 x 6.25 x.75 in
Coldworked plate glass, epoxy, silicone, ripstop nylon, metal mesh

This piece started the series of my works involving ancient cave art. It all began with a photo of a cave painting of a woman from what is now Australia that I found on the internet. She’s the one in top row in the middle. I tacked a print of the photo on my refrigerator and this eventually led me to finding that there’s ancient cave art in many places in the world. I had previously only heard about the ones in Europe and North America.

I traced most of the silhouettes in Photoshop from photographs of the rock and cave art, and then sandblasted them into window glass. The metal mesh/chain mail binding turned out to be much more difficult to make than I expected. Much thanks to Tony Serviente for suggesting the ripstop nylon, Epoxy 330, and GE Silicone II.