Neinotech Generation

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Neinotech Generation
78 x 21 x 1.5 inches
Coldworked glass mugs, electrical wire

Here we have a representation of an imaginary nanotech molecule. For those who haven’t figured this out already, the different forms of the glass pieces represent different imaginary elements and the electrical wire represents the imaginary bonds between them.

This was the piece where I started using cut glass as it comes out of the saw rather than polishing it. I decided I liked the way the cut glass looked, it had gesture, numerous variations of surface, and it was a record of the trip the saw and I took through the glass. Despite the rough and sharp edges, the cut surfaces felt warmer to me than the icy surfaces of polished glass—and look less like something that a machine made that you’d buy at the mall. There are five bottoms of mugs spread throughout the rings. To help integrate the polished surfaces of these mug bottoms with the rough cut rings, I polished one of the top rings.