Chrissy in Her Office on Halloween

Chrissy at Halloween

Chrissy in Her Office on Halloween
7.5 x 10 x .25 inches
Glass beads, fiberglass material, paint, epoxy

My friend Chrissy Butler works in a biotech lab at Cornell and every Halloween she posts photos of herself, and sometimes also co-workers, in costume from her lab. It’s sort of a folk art version of Cindy Sherman.

The yellow and white are reflector paint, something Jeanne Subialka suggested to me back when I was brainstorming types of glass not used in “serious” glass art before. Reflector paint is part paint, part glue, and holds thousands of tiny clear glass beads. I’ve since dispensed with the reflector paint part of the process, now I just epoxy clear glass beads over paint, usually enamel.