Fat Men Pollen Grain / Energy Cycles

Fat Men pollen front

Fat Men Pollen back

Fat Men Pollen Grain / Energy Cycles
2008, 2015
24 x 31 x 24 inches
Recycled paper and fibers, modeling paste, glue, acrylic paint, ink markers
(Photo: Rick Lightbody)

I started a project in 1979 I called “The Structure of the Universe” to see if I could figure out anything as to how the various “levels”, as I called them, of reality merge and function simultaneously: sub-atomic, atomic, molecular, cellular, organism, planet, solar system, galaxy, etc. Much of my art since then has resulted from that project. This piece is something of a return to that project.

The pollen is symbolic of things transforming from one form to another. The somewhat spherical shape symbolizes the universe. I’ll let the viewer determine who is alluded to by the “fat men”!

The reference for the pollen grain came from: Gilmore, C.P. (1974). The Unseen Universe. Schocken Books, New York. Dr. Patrick Echlin shot the micrograph. I’ve been unable to find a photo of a fat men plant, I hope to someday.