We’re All Connected vs. No We’re Not


We’re All Connected vs. No We’re Not
7.25 x 5.5 x 3.75 in
Coldworked glass mug, black sand, epoxy

This one’s a statement on a large division that exists currently in our culture which is partially a philosophical difference and partially a result of “divide and conquer.”

I based the antelope on an Ice Age drawing from La Pasiega cave in Northern Spain. The equation is one of Maxwell’s concerning electricity, which is meant to symbolize energy, which according to some theories everything is when you look closely enough. The design that the zebra’s stripes turn into is an endless knot, which comes from Tibetan Buddhism and symbolizes the idea that “everything is connected”. The silhouetted animal on the “No We’re Not” side is a fox—many of you can probably figure out what that symbolizes on your own.